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Create an app for your business without the hassle of traditional development.

Change as your business grows.

Interlink micro app to work as one.

Personalised app for that special department you have created.


Hospitality Management

Detail and customer service is key to boosting your bottom line in the hospitality business. AppSheet empowers you to use your data and enhance your customer experience, manage staff, track sales and much more.

Retail and E-Commerce

Enhance your retail experience and increase your sales. Our platform allows you to improve your customers shopping experience by enabling you to build an e-commerce app, manage inventory, keep tabs on customer contacts, and much more.


Whether it's managing inventory, simplifying work orders or streamlining inspections, custom mobile apps can help significantly improve manufacturing productivity and capacity.

Property Management and Real Estate

If you're managing properties, tenants, documents, and repairs, you can build mobile apps that keep your data secure and synchronized with your backend database.

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Our partnership with Appsheet haveĀ enabled businesses to increase their productivity and effeciency.

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